Food Truck Contestants

Food Truck Wars 'with a twist of corn'
Sept 26
Winter Haven, FL

40 of Florida Finest Food Trucks battling it out for 6 prestigious awards

Big Hot Box
Grandpas Mini Donuts
Jimmys Seafood Express
Delish Kabobs
the Maine Thang
Sweet City Gelato
El Cactus Azul
Beach Buffalo
Bonos Express

Polar Bear Frozen Treats
Monsta Lobsta
Flaming Pizza
French Fry Junction
Twisted Plates
Cowboy Jims
Willy T's Crab Shack
NY Italian Ice
Vital Flair
Burgers Gone Wild

Paradise Cups
Over the Top Pita
Cousins Maine Lobster
Hot Wheels Pizza
Messy Delights
Lobster Rollz
Papas Pineapples
Jamaica Jamaica

Softee Delights
Fantastic Hummus
Pennys Parlor
Peru Power
Soup to Nuts
Big Island Bowls

More to come....

Food Trucks

alfajor cafe
beach buffalo
big hot box
big island bowls
bonos bbq express
cactus azul
cousins maine lobster
cowboy jims
delishkebabs trailer
fantastic hummus
ff junction final
flaming pizza
fritango food truck
grandpas mini donuts
hotwheels pizza
jamaica jamaica
jimmys famous seafood express
lobster rollz
messy delights
monsta lobsta
ny ital ice
over the top pita
papa pineapples
paradise cups
pennys parlour treats
peru power
polar bear frzn trts
shefu food truck
softee delights truck
soup to nuts truck
sweet city gelato
the maine thang
vital flair
willy ts crab shack

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Press Release Sept 2012 FloridaFoodies will have another chance to experience FOOD TRUCK WARS


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June, 2012 Food Truck Wars II - the Battle Rages On Florida Foodie


FOOD TRUCK WARS: “BRING IT ON” With just over 31 days until the first of its kind F

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